Monday, July 22, 2013

How to Change DNS from MYNIC and Get Server Code

How to Change DNS from MYNIC and Get Server Code
  1. Remember Login as technical username, else you cannot notice section of Modify DNS. Admin and technical will have difference CODE to login.
  2. After Login -> go to Domain Name -> Modify Domain Name 
  3. Search for your Domain -> Check the box -> Click Modify
  4. Then you will see the section of Modify Name Servers
  5. After check on Modify Name Servers option radio button, you will see the following list
  6. Now we come to most confusing part, the Server Code is auto generated by the system. But first of all you have to click on "+" button --> enter host name and IPV4 ip --> Click Create button --> System will prompt Error message but it actually showing you the server code number. 
  7. Copy one of the highlighted code and paste into Server Code text box from previous page. Then Click Close button.
  8. Do the same action for Secondary Name Server.
  9. Click Modify button when you finish filling the info. That's all.
  10. Changes of DNS only be activated after 24 hours, then only proceed to your own hosting to do domain addon or domain parking.

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